Vizio Launches Massive 86-Inch 4K TV for Just $999

Vizio Launches Massive 86-Inch 4K TV for Just $999

Vizio has again made waves in the TV business by releasing its biggest TV, a stunning 86-inch 4K gem. The price of this monster is shockingly low at just $999, setting a new standard for value in the TV business.

The Vizio V4K86C-0804, which will be available on April 29, 2024, offers a great viewing experience at a reasonable cost. This TV promises a great picture with bright colours and better contrast thanks to its IPS screen and the fact that it works with high-end Dolby Vision and HDR10+ codecs.

Fans of games will love that the TV can handle data at 120 frames per second, even at 1080p resolution. This means that many responsive and fluid games can be played. Technologies like Dual-Band WiFi 6 and DTS:X audio decoding can also be used for many different kinds of leisure.

Vizio’s redesigned Home Screen layout makes it easy to use the TV. You can customize the app rows, it works with AirPlay 2 and Chromecast, and you can access popular streaming services. With so many features, Vizio wants to give its customers the best quality and value possible.

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John Schindler, Vice President of Product Management at Vizio, was excited about the company’s new TV lineup and reaffirmed Vizio’s commitment to giving every home great entertainment choices.

Vizio’s newest product joins competing companies’ long line of reasonably priced big-screen TVs. It marks the start of a new era of easy access to home entertainment at a time when demand for home movie theatre experiences is still high. Because of its unique size, speed, and price, the 86-inch Vizio 4K TV will likely significantly impact the market.

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