Triple H Drops Bombshell: Chad Gable Shocking Role at WrestleMania 40 Revealed

Chad Gable Shocking Role at WrestleMania 40 Revealed
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In a surprising change of events, Triple H, the CEO of WWE, has hinted that four-time tag team champion Chad Gable will play a big role at WrestleMania 40, even though he isn’t in any of the matches.

As a wrestler, Gable is known for having amazing skills. Last year, he almost beat the Ring General but failed. He recently participated in a Gauntlet Match to try to get a spot in the Intercontinental Championship contenders, but Sami Zayn beat him. Gable has been helping Zayn with his quest for the IC Title ever since.

Fans were looking forward to seeing Gable in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on SmackDown, but he wasn’t there at all, which could mean that Triple H and his creative team have something planned.

Even though Zayn has a tough matchup against the current king, it’s important to remember how well he did at WrestleMania last year. Since Gable is involved in the story, there is talk about how important he will be in what’s going to happen.

The most recent SmackDown battle royale was won by Bronson Reed, but Gable’s lack of involvement is strange given his ongoing storyline with Gunther and Zayn.

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While everyone is waiting, Gable’s absence says that big things are going to happen for him at WrestleMania. The friendship he has with Zayn could turn shady, which could cause a fight between Gable and Gunther.

People really like Gable, but he might change his personality and become darker, blaming Zayn for ruining his plans to go to WrestleMania.

Gunther was supposed to fight Brock Lesnar at first, but his plans changed because of a legal disagreement with Vince McMahon. Even though Zayn stepped in, Gunther is likely to stay in charge. If Gunther wins, Gable could challenge him to a huge match on Night Two of WrestleMania 40.

The WWE world is holding their breath for WrestleMania 40, which looks like it will be an exciting event. Chad Gable, who wasn’t originally in the lineup, is set to make a big impression.

Chad Gable's WrestleMania 40 Role Teased by WWE Chief Triple H

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