Putin Bold Move: Russia To Develop Steam-Like Gaming Platform

Putin Bold Move: Russia To Develop Steam-Like Gaming Platform

Surprisingly, Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the go-ahead to make a domestic gaming environment like Steam, complete with PC and mobile gaming devices. Through this huge project, the country hopes to be able to provide all of its own game technology by June 15, 2024.

The directive talks about making a game platform with hardware, an operating system, and gaming services that run in the cloud. It is one part of a larger nine-point plan for the Kaliningrad area. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin is in charge of making sure this plan is carried out, which includes planning industry processes and figuring out if production is possible.

Even though time is short, Putin’s government seems determined to build a strong game industry in Russia. Experts in the field say that the proposed game platform could take up to ten years to fully build, and it could come out up to fifteen years behind current technologies.

Some people have asked why Kaliningrad was picked as the center of this project. The strategic location of the area and recent investments in silicon manufacturing have been given as reasons. Another thing that makes Kaliningrad a great place for creativity is that it is a special economic zone, which offers many benefits for technological progress.

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But we’re going to have trouble, especially when it comes to developing software and hardware. Because of possible geopolitical battles that could make it hard to get foreign technologies, Russian developers may have to use software and parts that are made in Russia.

People who play video games are interested in the idea of a Russian-made game system that is similar to well-known names like Xbox and PlayStation. Researchers think that the global gaming market will be very competitive, even though there aren’t many information about hardware specs yet.

When Russia starts this big plan to become self-sufficient in gaming, all eyes will be on it. The date in June is getting close. Everyone is interested in seeing if Russia can make a name for itself in the very competitive game business, with Putin’s idea leading the way.

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