Pokemon GO Primal Groudon Raid Day 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon GO Primal Groudon Raid Day 2024

Are you Pokemon trainers! Prepare yourself for an amazing three-day event in Pokemon GO with the powerful Primal Groudon. From strong raids to better chances of getting shiny things, this is your complete guide to getting the most out of this exciting event.

Pokemon GO Primal Event Summary 2024:


  • Trainers can meet this legendary Pokemon in five-star raids for three days during Primal Groudon Raid Day.
  • Every hour, gyms will be loaded with new Pokémon, giving you lots of chances to fight Primal Groudon.
  • Happy hunting for shiny things! You have a better chance of getting Primal Groudon during the event, so don’t miss the chance to enlarge your collection.

Preparation For Pokemon Event:


  • Thinking about whether the event ticket is pricey? Many bonuses are available for just $5, such as extra raid passes and a higher chance of finding rare things like Rare Candy XL.
  • Choose your team carefully! As a Ground and Fire-type Pokemon, Primal Groudon can be hurt by Ground and Water-type moves.
  • Heavy-hitting Pokemon like Mega Swampert and Shadow Kyogre can help you win battles.

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  • No raiding by yourself! To easily defeat Primal Groudon, get at least four trainers with high-level counters together. Find other players who want to raid by using features like Party Play and sites like Niantic’s Campfire or Pokemon GO Discord servers.
  • Strategically Mega-evolve your Pokemon! Monster Pokemon like Mega Garchomp and Mega Swampert can give you big benefits during the event.

Primal Reversion and IVs:


  • Hiking Primal Groudon when it’s warm outside raises its IVs, making it even stronger.
  • Collect Primal Groudon Energy to change Primal Groudon back to its normal form, or mega evolve other Ground-type Pokemon to get extra benefits.

Event Details:


  • Event bonuses include more shiny monsters, more raid passes, and better XP and Stardust prizes.
  • Buyers of the event ticket can get extra raid passes and item bonuses during certain times on March 23, 2024,and event will be available upto 4th April 2024.

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  • Jungle fights with Primal Groudon will have a CP of 92,860, which will be very hard for trainers.

Don’t Miss Pokemon Event:


It’s almost Primal Groudon Raid Day, so get ready for an exciting journey full of epic fights and shiny encounters. Gather your Pokemon GO team and mark your calendars for this famous event!

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