New Retro Racing Manager Game, ‘Golden Lap 2024’ Takes Players Back to the 70s

New Retro Racing Manager Game, ‘Golden Lap 2024’

Fans of racing, get ready for a new game that will take you back to the best years of race. Absolute Drift and Art of Rally are two of Funselektor Labs’ best-known games. Now, they’re working with an independent company called Strelka Games to make “Golden Lap,” an F1-themed management game.

What’s Different About “Golden Lap” Racing Game?


‘Golden Lap’ is different from other racing games because you are in charge of a team instead of driving. Bring out your inner planner as you make important choices that will help your team win. Every move is important, whether you’re handling budgets, tuning cars, or figuring out how to get around in the unpredictable world of open-wheel racing in the 1970s.

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Take a trip down memory lane and feel the thrill of the 1970s, a time of risky drivers, new styles, and wild parties on and off the track. ‘Golden Lap’ has simple graphics that remind me of Funselektor’s other games. It takes me back to a time when racing was both exciting and dangerous.

What's Different About Golden Lap Racing Game
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A Trip Down Memory Lane:


You will be racing on famous tracks like Monaco, Imola, and Jarama, so get ready for some heart-pounding action. As you try to beat other teams and win in the ultimate test of skill and planning, each season brings new challenges.

‘Golden Lap’ will be available on Steam later this year, letting PC gamers experience the glory days of racing from the comfort of their own screens. Funselektor’s games are known for being exciting and nostalgic, and this one will be no different. Console and mobile releases have not been announced yet.

‘Golden Lap’ takes you to the fast-paced world of racing in the 1970s, where every choice you make could mean the difference between winning and losing.

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