New Lock Screen Decorations Coming to Windows 11

New Lock Screen Decorations Coming to Windows 11

Fans of Microsoft can be happy because the company has announced a great update for Windows 11. Soon, people who use Windows 11 will be able to enjoy the same eye-catching lock screen additions that are being tried for Windows 10.

These decorations, which come as small cards that you put on your lock screen, give you useful bits of information like traffic updates, weather forecasts, financial insights, and even sports scores.

Reports from reliable sources, such as TechRadar, that quote Windows expert PhantomOfEarth say that Microsoft is putting these improvements into the Release Preview channel for Windows 11 test builds. The first place this cool feature was seen was on X (formerly Twitter). It will be available in Windows 11 build 22631.3371 (KB5035942).

Even though these lock screen cards are still being tested, they should work the same way as their Windows 10 versions. Users will be able to choose whether to enable or stop them, but they can’t pick and choose; it’s either all or nothing.

Even though you can’t change much about them, these lock screen cards are a nice feature. They add a bit of colour and usefulness to the lock screen, making Windows better all around.

People who are worried about clutter don’t need to be. Microsoft says users can easily turn off the feature if they don’t like it. But for fans who want to stay up to date quickly, these lock screen cards make it easy to get to the information they need without having to open their phones.

Even though Windows 11 does a better job of implementing these info cards than Windows 10, some users may still be unhappy about the lack of customisation options. In any case, Microsoft’s attempts to make the lock screen better show that it wants to make all of its products more user-friendly.

As Windows 11 keeps getting better, users can look forward to more cool changes and features that will make their digital life easier. Microsoft is working hard to make sure that its famous operating system gives users the best experience possible. Stay tuned for more updates.

great update for Windows 11
Image Credit: PhantomOfEarth

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