New Guardians of the Galaxy Skins Leaked in Fortnite Update 2024

New Guardians of the Galaxy Skins Leaked in Fortnite Update 2024
Image Credit: Guardians of the Galaxy

Fans of Fortnite, get ready for a treat that will blow your mind! Three Guardians of the Galaxy skins are about to be added to Epic Games’ creative battle royale world, according to recent leaks. Drax, Groot, and Mantis are going to join Fortnite and add their spacey charm to the battle.

There were hints that Fortnite and Guardians of the Galaxy would work together in a March 26 update for LEGO Fortnite. Players with sharp eyes saw LEGO versions of Drax and Groot in the artwork for the update, which hinted at the teamwork that was to come. The LEGO update mostly added new car builds for fans to play with, but it also hinted that the Guardians would be coming soon.

Thanks to Hypex and iFireMonkey, two well-known Fortnite leakers, we now have a sneak peek at the Guardians skins. The leaked pictures show the three of them in all their glory, with gathering tools and back blings.

Drax Skin: Get ready to show off your inner Destroyer with Drax’s original outfit. This skin looks very dangerous, especially with his trusty Drax’s Blades pickaxe and back jewelry.

Groot Skin: The Young Adult Groot skin lets you show off the power of the Flora Colossus. It looks like Groot is ready to fight with the powerful Flora Colossus Fist tool and his Gamepad back bling.

Mantis skin: Mantis’s antennae and the Insectoid Claws tool give her a unique charm that she brings to Fortnite. When worn with the Lil Abilisk back bling, this skin will add a fun touch.

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But that’s not all—Fortnite fans can look forward to two new emotes that will come with the Guardians’ arrival:

Potted Groot: Dance move called “Potted Groot” will get you moving. It’s based on everyone’s favorite potted tree.

Zargnut Invisibility: Use this mystery emote to add a bit of surprise to your Fortnite moves.

There have been rumors that these things will be sold together for real money, giving fans a complete set to choose from. It is important to note that this is not the first time that Fortnite has worked with Marvel. In past projects, characters like Iron Man and Thor have appeared on the battlefield.

The Guardians’ arrival happens at the same time that Disney and Epic Games start working together in a new way. Disney spent $1.5 billion to get a piece of Epic. This makes it possible for more connections to be made between Fortnite and popular Disney properties like Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar. Fans are excited about the possibility of a huge gaming and entertainment world that could be accessed from the Fortnite launcher.

Leaks have also shown that a partnership between Nike and Fortnite will be coming soon. It’s called the “Airphoria Volume 2 bundle,” and it promises even more skins and surprises for fans of the game.

As the world of Fortnite grows, players can go on a space adventure like no other, with Guardians of the Galaxy leading the way into uncharted territory. Get ready for a huge crossover event that will change the world of Fortnite forever.

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