Why Humans Lack Tails Finally Revealed by Scientists

Why Humans Lack Tails Finally Revealed by Scientists

A news study briefs about the evolutionary step of humans who don’t have tails like Monkeys, which has been surpirzed the biologist for a long ago.

There is no doubt that the tail have possess it’s vital importance in which we can say like benefits of communication, balance and their closest ape kin parted ways from their tails around 25 millions years ago.

The Researchers have disclosed a crucial genetic sequence that was previously written off as “junk DNA” and that causes humans and great apes to lose their tails.

Scientists have illustrated how this genetic element, called Alu, modifies tail length and changes protein production through innovative studies using genetically modified mice.

As the first genetic explanation for humans without tails and large apes, lead researcher Bo Xia highlighted the importance of this result.

This finding underscores the dynamic role that jumping genes play in determining evolutionary features and challenges conventional ideas about the function of genes.

The paper explains “how” tail loss, but it doesn’t address “why” evolution has led to tail loss.

Further studies could explore this genetic element’s more general effects, such as how it affects embryonic development and neurological conditions like spina bifida.

The understanding of human evolution and our primate heritage has advanced significantly as a result of this discovery.

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