How Long is a Hockey Game: Exploring the Duration

How Long is a Hockey Game

Millions of people around the world love hockey, and both fans and players can have an exciting time. Every part of a hockey game is exciting, from the fast-paced action on the ice to the planned moves made by the teams. Everyone who likes or doesn’t like hockey has the same question, though: How long is a hockey game last? This in-depth guide goes into great detail about how long a hockey game lasts, looking at the many things that affect it.

Understanding the Basics: Standard Hockey Game Length


The main part of a normal hockey game lasts for an hour. There are three 20-minute segments that make up this time period. But the length of a game depends on a number of things that we’ll talk about in more detail.

Factors Influencing Hockey Game Length


There are many things that can affect how long a hockey game lasts, from breaks in the game to rules that are specific to the league. Let’s look more closely at these important factors:

  1. Gameplay Interruptions: There are different breaks in a hockey game, such as penalties, goals, and timeouts. Even though these breaks are necessary for running the game, they make the match longer overall.

  2. Overtime: If there is a tie at the end of regular play, extra time may be added to decide the winner. Depending on the league and type of game, extra periods can last for different amounts of time, making the game last even longer.

  3. Intermissions: Players have a short break between rounds to rest and plan their next moves. And even though these breaks are important, they make the game last longer.

Factors Influencing Hockey Game Length

Breaking Down a Hockey Game: Periods, Intermissions, and Overtime


To better understand how long a hockey game lasts, let’s look at the most important parts of a normal game:

  1. Periods: A normal hockey game has three quarters, and each one lasts for 20 minutes. There are breaks between these times so that players can rest and coaches can change their plans.
  2. Intermissions: which usually last between 15 and 18 minutes, give teams a chance to get back together between quarters. During this time, players drink water, get medical help if they need it, and talk with managers about strategy.
  3. Overtime: If the score is tied at the end of regular play, extra time may be used to decide the winner. Different leagues and types of games have different rules about how long and how overtime is played. Some use sudden-death overtime, while others use shooting rounds.



Before we talk about how long hockey games last, let’s answer some commonly asked questions:

Why are hockey games divided into three periods?

Hockey games are split into three periods so that everyone gets an equal amount of playing time and so that players can make changes to their strategies between periods.

How long do hockey games last on average?

Including quarters, breaks, and possible overtime, a normal hockey game lasts about 2 to 2.5 hours on average.

What happens during intermissions in hockey games?

During breaks, players can rest, drink water, and get orders from the coaches. During these breaks, the arena staff may also do repairs on the ice.

Do all hockey games go into overtime?

No, not every hockey game goes to extra time. In sports, overtime is only used when there is a tie at the end of regular play.

What is the longest recorded hockey game?

The Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Maroons played the longest hockey game ever recorded in 1936. It lasted an amazing 176 minutes and 30 seconds.


In conclusion, the length of a hockey game includes many things, such as the usual three periods and the possibility of overtime play. Even though the main game lasts for an hour, the whole match lasts longer because of things like breaks and interruptions. Fans can better understand the intricacies of hockey game length and get ready for an immersive experience on and off the ice if they understand these factors.

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