Google Pixel 8 Uses Gemini Nano AI in Surprise Turnaround

Google Pixel 8 Uses Gemini Nano AI in Surprise Turnaround

Gemini Nano AI is finally coming out, even though Google initially chose not to. This is great news for people who have the Google Pixel 8. It seemed like the Pixel 8 Pro was the only phone with AI built in at first. Now everyone in the world can use the regular Pixel 8 to enjoy it.

Google made this choice after getting a lot of negative feedback online about its first place. This made the tech giant rethink its position. Pixel 8 users will be able to try Gemini Nano when it comes out as a developer test in the next Pixel Feature Drop in June.

Smart Reply in Gboard and Summarise in Recorder are two cool new features in Gemini Nano. The gadget that adds these things has AI on it. Users will enjoy them more because they give users useful tools that they can use on the device itself, even when they’re not online.

Why did Google change its mind? Because it wants Pixel users to be happy and make things better for everyone. By putting Gemini Nano on the Pixel 8, Google wants more fans and developers to be able to see what AI can do on a phone.

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First, Google said that the Gemini Nano wouldn’t work with the Pixel 8. But now, the tech giant has found a way to get it to work. To show it cares about new ideas and user happiness, it did this.

People who use Pixel can’t wait for the next Pixel Feature Drop. A lot of people are also excited about Gemini Nano and all the cool things it can do. It looks like Pixel users who want the newest tech and best features will be able to keep using their phones for a long time.

Google wants to make AI on devices easier to use so that more people can have a better, more organised time. A big step towards that goal is the addition of Gemini Nano to the Pixel 8. As the Pixel world grows, users can expect more changes for the better and new ideas that push the limits of mobile technology.

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