Experience Future of Sports Broadcasting: Panasonic Vision for Paris 2024

Experience the Future of Sports Broadcasting: Panasonic's Vision for Paris 2024

Panasonic, a leader in technology worldwide, will use its state-of-the-art audiovisual solutions to completely transform the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. Panasonic Connect, a crucial partner for the upcoming summer Olympics, will supply cutting-edge audiovisual gear, such as projection systems, broadcast production equipment, and professional displays, to guarantee a smooth and engaging experience for both competitors and spectators.

With the Paralympic Games scheduled for August 28 to September 8 and the Paris Olympics scheduled for July 26 to August 11, Panasonic’s status as a Worldwide Olympic Partner and Paralympic Partner highlights its dedication to excellence in sports technology. Panasonic hopes to take event operations to previously unheard-of heights by closely collaborating with the Paris Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee.

In keeping with the sustainable objectives of the event, Panasonic presents creative ways to improve visual expression and deal with labor shortages. 26 competition venues will be able to efficiently deliver video content to large LED screens thanks to the deployment of Panasonic’s IT/IP platform, KAIROS. This efficient method minimizes resource consumption, streamlines processes, and lowers operational complexity to promote sustainability.

Furthermore, Panasonic’s massive projector deployment—which includes 130 laser projectors—represents a noteworthy turning point in Olympic history. These projectors, which include the lightest and smallest model in the world, minimize the carbon footprint of the event while providing performance that is unmatched. Through the use of remote management tools, operators are able to easily monitor and modify projection systems, guaranteeing peak performance and visual clarity throughout the games.

Panasonic has been a leader in innovation and quality for more than 30 years, having supported Olympic and Paralympic events. Panasonic exemplifies its steadfast dedication to advancing accessibility and inclusivity in sports by being the first Japanese company to become a Worldwide Paralympic Partner.

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Panasonic, embodying the idea of “Sharing the Passion,” never stops motivating viewers across the globe by summing up the spirit of world-class athletic competition. Panasonic supports the Paralympic Games’ goal of fostering a more inclusive society for people with disabilities by way of its sponsorship efforts.

Panasonic’s commitment to providing unmatched audiovisual solutions further solidifies its position as the driving force behind one of the most recognizable athletic events in history as the Paris 2024 Olympics draw near. Panasonic creates the conditions for both competitors and spectators to have an incredible Olympic experience with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity.

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