Don’t Risk Your Eyes! Spot Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses Now

Spot Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses Now

There are a lot of fake solar eclipse glasses on the market, which could hurt your eyes. With the solar eclipse coming up soon, it’s important to make sure your glasses are real.

Fake glasses don’t protect your eyes properly, leaving you open to lasting damage. Don’t worry, though; here’s how to tell the real ones from the fakes:

Look for the sticker: Real glasses should have an ISO certification sticker that says “ISO 12312-2.”

Check for Authenticity: Make sure the people who made and sold your glasses have a good reputation. Do not make any flaws, holes, or scratches.

Make Sure They Fit Right: Real glasses fit right, cover the whole face, don’t distort, and let just the right amount of light through.

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From where you can get approved glasses:

  1. Trusted Sellers: Buy from American Paper Optics, Rainbow Symphony, and other sellers on the American Astronomical Society’s list of approved sellers.
  2. Retailers:  There are some big stores that sell eclipse glasses, like Walmart and Kroger.

Do not forget how valuable your health is. Don’t take a chance with fake glasses. Be careful and enjoy the eclipse in a smart way.

Find out how you can help with recycling after the eclipse so that glasses can have a second chance to make a change in the world.

Real glasses will help you see better during the total solar eclipse and for years to come.

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